Familiar with Microsoft Excel but haven't used VBA macros before.  Watch this short 4 minute video and learn how to enable VBA macros in Excel to enjoy playing Ranger Quest: The Elemental Orbs. Set up the developer tab and change macro security settings and you will be playing in no time.

Enable VBA Macros in Excel to play Ranger Quest  

Ranger Quest: The Elemental Orbs is a Microsoft Excel based video game brought to life using the Minotaur Maze Engine. Activate the Excel based VBA Macros to manipulate the walls of the maze to find your way to the exit. Watch this 9 minute walk through of Level 1 of Ranger Quest: The Elemental Orbs and you will be ready to start your own adventure.

Ranger Quest Level 1 Walk Through 

Learn more about Ranger Quest: The Elemental Orbs at our YouTube channel Minotaur Maze Engine

The Minotaur Maze Engine. The maze where the walls move.

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