Minotaur Maze Engine

The Minotaur Maze Engine takes a classic 2D Maze and reinvents it by having the walls move. You can see the entrance and the exit, but you will have to manipulate the walls to get from one to the other. Ranger Quest: The Elemental Orbs is a Microsoft Excel based video game brought to life using the Minotaur Maze Engine. Activate the Excel based VBA Macros to manipulate the walls of the maze to find your way to the exit. Enjoy the Graphic Design of Ranger Quest where modern elements blend with 8-Bit pixel art. A video game designed to be enjoyable and challenging for players of all ages. For anyone who has enjoyed the simple pleasure of completing a maze at some point in their lives. The Minotaur Maze Engine brings the classic maze into the 21st century.

Learn more about Ranger Quest: The Elemental Orbs at our YouTube channel Minotaur Maze Engine

The Minotaur Maze Engine. The maze where the walls move.

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